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Theme Showdown

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1 Theme Showdown on Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:25 am

Let the battle begin.

Flock of Seagulls.

What it would entail:
Costumes and hairdos, most likely involving wigs. A Flock of Seagulls CD and my repairing the Ice Chest Boombox. Also, for going through B.S. we might need some manner of dance or mimed band performance. The cover art is kinda out there and won't translate well to our Jag so we could just paint the car's wings white and claim that the car is a seagull.

Fairly easy costumes, music even if shitty, memorable, theme won't affect the car's performance or get in our way.

Theme might not translate well onto the car especially with its existing paint job. We may have to dance for the judges to shitty 80's music. We may have to explain our theme to passers-by.

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2 Re: Theme Showdown on Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:44 am

Cool Runnings:

What it would entail:

Changing the white paint on the Jag to yellow and adding JAMAICA down the center. Buying deadlock wigs. Picking up some black sweatsuits and painting them green and yellow. Playing Bob Marley and other Jamaican music in the pit all weekend.

Easily done. The painting could be done with a paintbrush in hour or so. The costumes should be easy to get on short notice. Island music is soothing and will hopefully reduce tensions in the pits. This theme has not been done and we will beat out the team planning on doing a Swedish Bobsled Team.

It will likely be raining at the race, throwing off the suitability of our tropical theme. The themeing of the car will be kinda half-assed. None of us are black and the story of working in a bleach factory could only go so far.

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3 Re: Theme Showdown on Tue Mar 15, 2011 6:31 pm

my vote goes for the flock of seagulls

how would this not translate to the car

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4 Re: Theme Showdown on Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:19 pm

So I see a speaker, a lamp and a few seagulls. Also, the coloring is all wrong, but we could paint this on the roof or hood.

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5 Re: Theme Showdown on Wed Mar 16, 2011 12:03 am

My vote continues to be for Cool Runnings since it will be easily done in the 1 weekend that we have left. If I hear a really good pitch for a paint scheme and costumes before this weekend, I am definitely open to Flock of Seagulls. That is only if we can get the paint scheme set before Saturday morning so we can paint that day.

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6 Re: Theme Showdown on Wed Mar 16, 2011 9:09 pm

I don't actually have a problem with the cool runnings theme but just throwing this out there

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7 Re: Theme Showdown on Wed Mar 16, 2011 10:04 pm

I've been to Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Challenge and I've seen that car. Hell, I've been eight feet away from it while it rocked by sideways at 80+ mph. It is maybe the most focused car in the world and it is epic.

If we had an E30, or even better a CRX, I'd be ALL over it.

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